Its settled! NTNU School of Entrepreneurship is “The Best Service Provider” in Norway

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Nordic Startup Awards was held in Norway May 22nd and NTNU School of Entrepreneurship won the prize for being “The best service provider” in Norway.

The honorable prize was dealt out to the NSE-faculty and serial entrepreneur Tronn Skjerstad at the Grand Final in Oslo. To be considered as “A noteworthy company that deserves the recognition for its help, services and support to the startup industry in the past year”, NTNU School of Entrepreneurship went ahead and won against other renowned companies like  Startuplab, Innovation House Silicon Valley, by:Larm Interactive and Conta Systemer AS. Once again, NSE has established that the center for entrepreneurship education is in fact located in Trondheim.

The prize for Startup of the year went to Dirtybit, the creators of the game Fun Run and the more recent Dino Dash. Co-founder and NSE-student Nicolaj Broby Pedersen and VP of Business and NSE-alumni Aurora Klæboe Berg received the prize at the same Grand Final in Oslo.

Nominated as “Best Service Provider” at Nordic Startup Awards

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This is IT folks,

NTNU School of Entrepreneurship is nominated in the category “Best Service Provider” at the Nordic Startup Awards.
Give us a lending hand and vote us to be the national winners in this category.


In addition to NTNU School of Entrepreneurship, there are several nominees in close relations to our environment.

Developer Hero: NSE Alumni and Co-founder of Rendra, Marit RødevandVOTE HERE
Best newcomer: Current NSE-startup, feat.fmVOTE HERE
Founder of the year: NSE Alumni and Founder of Rocketfarm, Halvor Gregusson - VOTE HERE
Startup of the year: Current NSE-startup, Dirtybit led by Nicolaj Broby PedersenVOTE HERE – Amazingly victorious in a reality show and competition

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What if you had a really good idea? And you were standing in an elevator with an investor, and had 30 seconds to pitch your idea.

Could you do it?

This is the basics behind the phenomenon “Elevator pitching” – Pitch your idea short and briefly, and aim for a second meeting with an investor. This concept are now being realized as a reality show called Lift. Eight technology startups were challenged to make an elevator pitch with some of Norways largest investors as they raised to the top floor of the new DNB-building at Bjørvika.

The result? won it all!
The price? A 5-day VIP-trip to Tela-Aviv, Israel – One of the worlds most prosperous startup environments today.

Read more about Lift and the concept.

Technoport 2014 – Innovation in action

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NTNU was transformed into an innovation center when the annual Technoport Innovation Conference was held last week in Trondheim. Known and unknown faces from the global entrepreneurial ecosystem were swarming and networking to stimulate technology-led innovation and to meet global challenges together. Entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders, students, researchers and troublemakers were placed together to interact, share and innovate great thoughts in order to focus on entrepreneurship for the entire three days.

NTNU School of Entrepreneurship was also attending this conference, heavily impacting the mindset of the visitors.
CPTR and, both startups at NSE won the pitch competition, with CERN-based GEM finishing in 2nd in the Venture Cup Regional Final.

Listen to CEO of Andreas H.F. Olsen talk about entrepreneurship about 2:43 out in the attached video.

Assistep hits jackpot in Live Crowdfunding Experiment

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Assitech was the absolute hottest startup when the first Live Crowdfunding Experiment in Norway was held under Technoport this week. Technoport and FundedByMe presented Norway’s first and live equity crowdfunding fair at Studentersamfundet where four startups presented themselves to sell shares to those wanting to invest.

Assistep, the device that gives extra support for climbing stairs, and helps elderly to stay active and independent, finished in an outstanding first place when they managed to reach out to a hungry crowd of investors.

NSE Alumni Halvor Wold and Erik Medbø overwhelmed the audience with their perfectly executed pitch, resulting in Rune Sævik, Chairman of the jury and investor at Investinor, took out his checkbook himself.

With an amazing rally in under a week, and over 600 000 NOK in equity funds received, other renowned nvestors stood in line to talk to the founders of Assistep.

This is just the beginning!

Read more about Assistep
Read more about the Live Crowdfunding Experiment

Tutorial: How to pitch your idea

Av - 11.04.2014 - 13:04

Ever wondered how the students at the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship are pitching their products?
Well, we are now giving you a sneak peak into one of the startups.
This pitch was conducted by Sigurd Gran-Jansen, of CPTR.
And found place this spring at by:larm NORDIC TOP 24 – THE NORDIC’S HOTTEST TECH STARTUPS

Top leading Norwegian politicians flooding to NSE to observe best practice in entrepreneurship education.

Av - 09.04.2014 - 23:04

NTNU School of Entrepreneurship has recently been a popular stop for many Norwegian politicians. Just a few weeks after the honorable visit from the Minister of Education and Research, Torbjørn Røe Isaksen (C), the NSE was once again ground for deep curiosity and amazement from the top political heads in Norway.

Monica Mæland (C), Minister of Trade and Industry cleared out part of her schedule when visiting NTNU, just to listen to some of the startups incubated at NSE. After the short pitches, from GEM with the unique CERN Radon technology, Voico, the SINTEF supported noise canceling venture, and, the unique viral live concert platform,  she could not help but proclaim that this was somewhat both impressing and outstanding.


Jonas Gahr Støre (Lab.), the former Minister of Health Care and Minister of Foreign Affairs, visited Trondheim this week to give a speech about future healthcare services. The prominent candidate to become the next Labour Party leader, showed a great interest in the unique entrepreneurship hub that NSE represents, and stayed for a short pitch from Voico. Impressed by the well conducted pitch, he stated “Exciting! All devoted students in Norway should apply to the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship”.

What are you waiting for? Listen to Jonas Gahr Støre.
Apply the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship before the deadline 15th of April.


Amok Equipment – Ready, Set, Launch!

Av - 31.03.2014 - 19:03


The only outdoor equipment company from NTNU School of Entrepreneurship is launching their first product Amok™ Draumr™.

It is a one of a kind hammock. It is for those of you who need a break from the busy life of society and just want to spend some time in the great outdoors. The patent pending hammock has several functions that makes it special compared to known solutions. Are you a side sleeper? Back sleeper? Stomach sleeper? They got you – The flat and innovative lying position the hammock has, suits us all. It can also be adjusted at various angles from the normal lying position up to a comfortable chair. When out in nature  this feature is perfect for many applications. Read a book, have breakfast in bed, sunbath – you name it. This implies that you will be perfectly comfortable in nature while gazing at the stars – without the rock in your back.

Amok™ Draumr™ is now available for a limited period of pre-sale, and goes for as low as 2499 NOK at Amok web shop.

Mime won the NSE Business Plan Championship

Av - 26.03.2014 - 14:03


Team Mime, consisting of three NSE-graduates Arif Mirza, Vebjørn Kjærvik and Patrick Carstens, won the prestigious NSE Business Plan Championship. This is an internal competition for all students attending NTNU School of Entrepreneurship. Participating teams were required to analyze real-life business problems, write a business plan and present it to a jury consisting of renowned investors and management companies.

There were a total of nine teams participating from the fresh 4th year students. Of which, five of the teams went through to a final round. According to the jury, the presentations reached an all-time high in both quality in the business plan and presentation execution. Mime scored high on several judging parameters, including outstanding business concept, credibility in ability for future execution, high energy in presentation, modesty in relation to achievements of objectives etc.

The winning team will also participate in Global Venture Labs Investment Competition (GVLIC) – “The Oscars of Business Plans”, in Austin, Texas in the beginning of May.
Winners of last year, Aalberg Audio, used the trip to Texas as a springboard for the launch of their award-winning product, with great success.

Stay tuned for updates on Mime.

Information Meetup [April 1st, Kjel1@17.15]

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Attend our Information Night, that will take place on April 1st, on Campus Gløshaugen,
Room: Kjel 1 @ 1715
We are looking forward to see you there.