Tind Technologies- panelist at EU conference

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The NSE alumni startup, Tind Technologies, was recently one of the contributors at a conference in Brussel on innovation and research. Alexander Nietzold, CEO in Tind Technologies were on of the speakers at the conference arranged by the Norwegian EU delegation and Science Business. The topic of the conference was how  Europe’s investments in research can create jobs and economic growth. Tind Technologies was used as an example of how this can be successfully done. The renowned professor Henry Chesbrough from Berkeley emphasized the importance of providing incentives to private actors to successfully commercialize research. This is Tind another great example of.

Foto: Julie Johnsen, EU-delegasjonen


Alumni startup signs big deal with the UN

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The NTNU School of Entrepreneurship alumni startup, Tind Technologies, recently signed an important agreement with the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). OHCHR will use Tind’s solution for their library in many years to come and the deal is of great importance for the startup. Read more about the deal in Aftenposten.

Tind Technologies is the world’s first official CERN spinoff, and NSE are proud to be the origin of such a ambitious and world leading startup. 10 years of CERN research and development have resulted in the most complete solution to manage your digital assets. Invenio is an open source software that provides the tools for management of digital assets. TIND Technologies enjoys an exclusive license agreement with CERN, gaining unique access to Invenio know-how. They work closely with the Invenio team, thus always staying up-to-date on new releases, patches on ongoing developments. Tind Technologies is headquartered in Trondheim, Norway, and have branch offices in Geneva and Paris. Read more about the company here.

Applauding success and failure

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The Trondheim based newspaper UkeAdressa (Adresseavisen) recently wrote an article about the interesting and inspiring culture at NSE, where failure is never to be ashamed of.

– Okay, you tried, because in both success and failure lies an opportunity for learning, said professor Øystein Widding. That is the reason why we at NSE encourage our students to try, and the master program at NSE is at its core about personal development and fast learning.

Both success and failure are a part of being an entrepreneur, and NSE students and faculty embrace both sides of the startup experience.

–We are making mistakes all the time, and that’s great. That means we are learning, says student Agnes Dyvik. And student Morten Ansteensen adds:

– But of course we applaud successes, and every time a startup reach an important milestone, as signing a sale or receiving funding, we ring the bell in our common room. The students applaud, support and cheer each other, and we are always contented and cheerful for others success. And that is how it will always be at NSE!

Commercial breakhtrough for Connect LNG

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Connect LNG is experiencing considerable interest for its innovative LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) transfer system after their recent product launch. They just finalized a design study of a universal buoyancy system (UBS) for a large LNG termial owner, which confirmed that the export of LNG from the terminal could be realized both faster and more cost efficient than today’s procedure.
Connect LNG is a alumni startup from NSE and they develop a breakthrough UBS, a transfer system which enables cost efficient fluid transfer between small-scale distribution vessels and onshore terminals. UBS reduces the investment cost compared to traditional LNG transfer solutions. This is done through a simple, yet technologically innovative design. Moving the vessel away from shore during the transfer operation and at the same time maintaining the integrity of the connection between the vessel’s manifold and the pipeline effectively increases the overall safety.
For more info, see our startup page or visit Connect LNG’s website.

Vio gets ready to launch their prototype in cooperation with Bonnier Media

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The last months have been very exciting for Vio as they have finally closed an agreement with the media provider Bonnier Media AS, with more agreements down the pipeline. This secures a wide selection of content for their prototype, that is due to be launched in a few weeks. In a short while, users will be able to discover, read and share articles from magazines such as National Geographic and Science Illustrated, so make sure you have signed up as a beta user.

Vio is an online journalism service that provides digital access to a selection of Norwegian newspapers and magazines, article by article. They call themselves a “Netflix for journalism”. By unbundling newspapers and magazines into individual articles, they can distribute these to any device, anywhere, at any time. The beauty with this concept is that each user is served a unique compilation of articles relevant to that user, independent of publication. Their goal is to activate the digital generation below 30 to read more journalism.

The focus for Vio in the forthcoming period is to invite readers to test their prototype, in order to adapt their services to the customers’ specific needs. Shortly thereafter, they are planning to launch a public beta with a broader selection of quality journalism. 2015 will be a great year for Vio, and NSE is looking forward to follow their progress.

Want to try the prototype? Sign up on www.readvio.com

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Ski week in Åre

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Social events are a major part of the student life at NSE, and last week 4th and 5th grade together traveled to Åre to go skiing. A great way to start the year! Creating a great social environment is of great importance for NSE, and we have several social events throughout the year. By building friendships across teams and grades, we allow frequent knowledge sharing and increased learning outcome for all. Many students say they get 60 new best friends when starting to study at NSE, which is something we are very proud of!

Norway’s most promising startups

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Skjermbilde 2015-01-17 kl. 17.14.45Team and product_small

The NSE alumni startups Dirtybit and Assitech were this week listed in Teknisk Ukeblad, as two of Norway’s most promising startups for 2015. Dirtybit with their online games Funrun and Funrun 2 have received worldwide attention and had in 2014 a revenue exceeding 23 million NOK. The game Fun Run enables people to race together online in real-time, and with their games they established a new market for multiplayer games in the mobile space. For more info, visit dirtybit.no

AssiTech develops AssiStep, the walker in the stairs, giving elderly and people with reduced mobility the security and support to climb stairs themselves. The company successfully sourced investors through an equity crowdfunding in 2014, and the product was launched and tested in the autumn of 2014. AssiTech AS aims to expand internationally the coming years, developing and selling aids to help people stay active and independent. For more info, see startups  and assistep.no



The unique cooperation with CERN receives attention

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Ukeavisen Ledelse wrote this week about the successful contact between NTNU School of Entrepreneurship (NSE) and CERN. NSE has since 2008 had a fruitful cooperation with CERN where NSE students once a year travel to CERN to find new commercial potential for their technologies.

– The vision of NSE is to create a out of the ordinary study where we educate the world’s best business developers. The students must be put in extreme environments in order to reach extreme learning. CERN is pushing the limits of human knowledge, and it is thus a perfect place for pushing the limits of our students, says professor Øystein Widding.

There is currently two startups working with CERN technology, namely GEM and TIND technologies.




A visit from The Ministry of Education and Research

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Bilde til KD-sak


We are proud to say that NTNUs School of Entrepreneurship attracts some special guests. A delegation from The Ministry of Education and Research came to visit and experience the entrepreneurial spirit at NTNU on Friday the 5th of December.

Our friends from Spark* kicked off the event with telling how NTNU and TrønderEnergi came together to create a highly successful organization that within the first year of operation has helped over 100 student startups. Further, our beloved house attorney Tommy Dahlen told the story of NSE and how the master programme strives to educate the best business developers in the world. In classic NSE style, several startups took this chance to pitch their project. Morpho Solar, Armoni, Voico and Lærerportalen (HiST) impressed the audience with energetic speech and ambitious visions. Afterwards the delegation got invited to our incubator to interact with the students. They listened keenly to the elevator pitches and stories from the life at NSE, and even got to see some prototypes.

We want to thank The Ministry of Education and Research for their visit and gladly welcome them again sometime.


Solar Grilling has arrived Norway

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The NSE Startup Morpho Solar just released the new concept of solar grilling to the Norwegian market. The startup has received attention from both national and regional media, and is now opening up the market for environmentally friendly grilling. Read more in this article from Teknisk Ukeblad, vg.no or check out solgrillen.no.