NSE success at Storebrand

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Last weekend Storebrand financial services awarded a total of 168.000 NOK to five promising Norwegian start-ups, three of which were our own: Voico, One Earth Designs and Amok. We’re proud and happy to see that our NSE students and alumni are thriving!

Photo credit: Storebrand


FlowMotion Technologies won Polar Bear Pitching

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Last week Didrik Dimmen from FlowMotion Technologies pitched his way to the grand prize in the world’s coldest pitching competition, Polar Bear Pitching, in Oulu, Finland. Didrik stole the show by backflipping into the ice cold water, and impressed the jury with an enthusiastic pitch, which you can see here: https://youtu.be/RJzQ81H8nzg?t=1h39m8s

Photo credit: Polar Bear pitching


The Norwegian Minister of Finance visited NTNU

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siv jensen NTNU send

The startups StormPetrel and Assistep from NTNUs School of Entrepreneurship got a chance to pitch their startups to the Norwegian Minister of Finance when she visited NTNU.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are receiving great attention these days as the oil-nation Norway are facing great changes. The students at NTNUs School of Entrepreneurship are thrilled about this extra attention and used this day talking about their start-ups to Siv Jensen. She where impressed about the ambitions and determination from the students and encourage these types of activities.

Over 50% of the students at NTNUs School of Entrepreneurship continue in their own start-ups after graduating, which have created over 450 workingplaces the past years.

Orbit, Flow Motion and Islero are going to San Francisco!

Written by - 28.01.2016 - kl. 18.57

Our startups Orbit, Flow Motion and Islero got handpicked as 3 out of 6 start-ups from Norway to participate in the #NordicMade Tour Launch Festival in San Francisco!

The LAUNCH festival is one of the largest startup conference in the world, with 15 000 attendees, four stages, and 250 speakers focused on helping founders build, scale and fun the next generation of outstanding companies. LAUNCH festival alumni includes Dropbox, FitBit, Mint and many others.

This is huge and we find it amazing that 50% of the Norwegian startups are from NTNUs School of Entrepreneurship. We are proud of our students Marina Santos Haugen, Johannes Jakobsen, Frede Lundenes Fardal, Marius Norheim, Julie Hella Bauge, Lars Mangerud Flesland og Didrik Dege Dimmen!!

Dsafe gets acquired by Bambora

Written by - 10.09.2015 - kl. 12.57

Alumni Daro Navaratnam’s company Dsafe gets acquired by the Swedish payment company Bambora. Dsafe has since 2009 developed a digital platform which helps sellers analyse sales and customer data. They have over 5 000 customers today, including the likes of Boklageret and XXL. Navaratnam believes the acquisition will help them get their innovative solutions out to the global network Bambora possesses. Johan Tjärnberg, CEO of Bambora Group, is certain that the Dsafe technology will help their customers increase sales. NSE is proud of this great achievement by Navaratnam and his team.

Sounds Good gets funding!

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In the beginning of the summer, Sounds Good received $ 380 000 from The Research Council of Norway. This is highly valuable for the team, which is collaborating with NTNU TTO (Trondheim Technology Transfer) and researchers at NTNU. The funding is being used to verify Sounds Good’s concept and to develop a speech recognition technology. Sounds Good is helping people with learning listening and pronunciation skills, and in August they are launching the beta version of their app. Further, the team is seeking people who is learning Norwegian and can provide feedback on the app.

Congratulations to the new students!

Written by - 05.06.2015 - kl. 16.57

The admission process is over and we want to congratulate the new students. The quality has been extremely high this year and we want to thank all the applicants.

Informasjon til søkere

Written by - 28.04.2015 - kl. 11.10

1. Kandidatene vurderes ut fra skriftlig søknad og vedlegg.

2. De beste av disse blir kalt inn til intervju mellom 29. april og 20. mai. Rekkefølgen for intervju er i hovedsak tilfeldig (ingen prioritering).

3. Innkallingen til intervju skjer fortløpende i perioden 29. april til 20. mai. Dersom du ikke hører noe har du ikke blitt kalt inn til intervju.

4. Intervjuet varer i ca 20-25 minutter. Hensikten er å bli bedre kjent med kandidatene, og at de skal få stille spørsmål. Man trenger ikke ta med seg noe dokumentasjon/annet på intervjuet.

5. Kandidater som av praktiske grunner ikke kan gjennomføre intervjuet i Trondheim, vil kunne få tilbud om intervju over videotelefoni/Skype.

6. Vi har ambisjoner om å ha klar en innstilling til 1. juni. Når denne er klar, vil dere få en indikasjon fra opptakskomiteen på om dere innstilles for opptak. Et endelig opptak forutsetter at alle formelle kriterier er tilfredsstilt (http://entreprenorskolen.no/apply/). Det er opptakskontoret ved NTNU som gjennomfører selve opptaket.

7. Spørsmål om opptaksprosessen kan sendes til Roar Brattås (roar.brattas@iot.ntnu.no).

Great success for NSE in Venture Cup

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17150676331_6308a0004f_z   16943903377_bc103d361c_z


Helping Hands, Inhibio and Chemfree could all celebrate on Venture Cup this week. ChemFree was selected as the Norwegian representative for the competition “Grøn Dyst”, and  Helping hands and Inhibio both won a seat in the regional Venture Cup final in August. Congratulations!

More about the startups:

Helping Hands creates a platform where people can share and complete minor tasks. Through a web page and app for smartphones, people can either post their help request, or choose to give a helping hand. In this way helpers can earn money. Helping Hands aims at becoming world’s biggest platform for sharing tasks and helping people.

Inhibio brings the market a portfolio of compounds showing great potential as biofilm inhibitors.

ChemFree is a new revolutionary technology for treatment of marine oil spill. Oil spill from blowouts and shipwrecks is a serious environmental threat, and the damages and cost done by oil spill is increased hundredfolds when the oil hits shore. ChemFree functions without the use of chemicals, which is environmental friendly as well as cost effective. It also performs under any type of weather conditions, dissolves all kinds of oil, and has a larger action window than traditional methods.


16965101519_7ca1aa57db_z (1)17149688462_8b22dd2138_z



Sounds Good receives grant from NTNU Discovery

Written by - 15.04.2015 - kl. 06.14

Sounds good

The NSE startup Sounds Good just received 150 000 NOK from NTNU Discovery. This will help the project to reach the next phase, and their goal is to develop a demo-version of their app within June 2015.

The start-up team from NSE consists of two engaged members, Ekaterina Fedorova and Adine Dørum, who are working hard to reach their goal of launching an app that will help people who learn a foreign language to acquire suitable listening and pronunciation skills. Lack of confidence in using newly acquired language skills in social contexts is a common challenge that many people face which have consequences for a whole society, such as isolation and unemployment. Sounds Good customizes listening and pronunciation exercises based on the user’s native language. The NSE-team are collaborating with TTO and a group of language researchers at Department of Language and Literature at NTNU who spent around 6 years developing a unique methodology. The methodology is based on a language map that provides information about which speech sounds that does not exist in the learner’s native language, but exist in the language that the learner wants to master.