Faculty member Dr. Øystein Widding

Dr. Øystein Widding

Holds a dr. oecon degree from Bodø Graduate School of Business. He is further graduated cand. mag from Lillehammer College (1995) and cand. merc, a two year Advanced Graduate Program in Business with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship at Bodø Graduate School of Business (1999). Widding is currently working as a post doctoral fellowship at Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

His special research interests are entrepreneurship and knowledge management in New Technology Based Firms (NTBFs). During recent years Widding has been involved in several projects within the subject entrepreneurship, knowledge and finance. E.g. member of the Norwegian team responsible for Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) (2000, 2001), “Risk capital and the demand-side” (2001) at Norwegian University of Science and Technology and “Demand and supply of risk capital” a project organized by Bodø Science Park, sponsored by the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry. Dr Widding has also 9 years manager practice, both from public and private sectors.

Faculty member Dr. Roger Sørheim

Dr. Roger Sørheim

Professor Sørheim is one of the Co-Founders of NTNU School of Entrepreneurship. He holds a position as Professor in Entrepreneurship at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The primary focus in his research relates to early-stage finance and commercialization of technology.

Sørheim has published in a number of peer reviewed journals, including; Journal of Small Business Management, Venture Capital, Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development and Technovation.

Faculty member Marius Tuft Mathisen

Marius Tuft Mathisen

PhD Candidate, Junior Faculty
Mobile: +47 40 46 19 22
Mobile (US): +1 (917) 705-3676
E-mail: marius.mathisen@iot.ntnu.no

Faculty member Morten Ansteensen

Morten Ansteensen

PhD Candidate, Junior Faculty
Mobile: +47 41 25 72 78
E-mail: morten.anst@gmail.com

Faculty member Torgeir Aadland

Torgeir Aadland

PhD Candidate, Junior Faculty
Mobile: +47 95 77 36 28
E-mail: torgeir.aadland@iot.ntnu.no


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