Enplan,Hjemmesiden (1)

Enplan, is a joint examination and summation tool for the different public agencies involved in psychosocial care for children.

Sometimes you need a plan. Especially when your job is to help people that need it the most. When a child needs help from the Norwegian mental health care system today – it often involves different agencies that have trouble communicating and cooperating. This results in a bureaucratic process with low efficiency, unorganized execution of procedures and prolonged treatment time. In other words: not the best possible treatment for the child.

Enplan helps the different agencies to organize their process in a whole new way, together! It provides them with a better overview, less double-work and a common summation and evaluation of the job done.

Enplan – makes every plan matter.

Students working with Enplan: Valentina Sørlie og Line Federley Kirkemo