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A week at CERN

Written by - 31.10.2018 - kl. 21.59

In week 42 the year 4 students went to Switzerland to visit the research facilities at CERN, where they got the opportunity to discover and test new applications for CERN’s technology. Every year, this is an intensive week with long hours and a lot of interesting but demanding tasks. In one week, it is required to understand a CERN technology, find market fits and check if these possibilities can create a sustainable business.

During the NTNU Screening week 2018, the students from NTNU’s school of entrepreneurship were divided into three groups and assigned to work with three different technologies developed at CERN.

The first team searched for new use cases for a robust fiber optic cable that monitors radiation in the particle accelerators. The second team looked into Collaboration Spotting (CS); a visualization and navigation platform used to identify relationships in large and complex datasets. The last team focused on finding potential costumers and ideas for improvement for a shift planning tool.
All results were reported and presented for the technology developers and the knowledge transfer department at CERN.