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Applauding success and failure

Written by - 26.01.2015 - kl. 09.32

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The Trondheim based newspaper UkeAdressa (Adresseavisen) recently wrote an article about the interesting and inspiring culture at NSE, where failure is never to be ashamed of.

– Okay, you tried, because in both success and failure lies an opportunity for learning, said professor Øystein Widding. That is the reason why we at NSE encourage our students to try, and the master program at NSE is at its core about personal development and fast learning.

Both success and failure are a part of being an entrepreneur, and NSE students and faculty embrace both sides of the startup experience.

–We are making mistakes all the time, and that’s great. That means we are learning, says student Agnes Dyvik. And student Morten Ansteensen adds:

– But of course we applaud successes, and every time a startup reach an important milestone, as signing a sale or receiving funding, we ring the bell in our common room. The students applaud, support and cheer each other, and we are always contented and cheerful for others success. And that is how it will always be at NSE!