Here are some frequently asked questions about requirements and the program:

Do I need to know Norwegian?
– Yes, you need to understand, talk and write Norwegian.

What are the requirements to apply?
You need to have a finished bachelor degree or a 3 year integrated technical master degree (approved).

I have over 180 credits from different programs and courses, but not a finished bachelor degree. Can I apply?
– No, you need to fit the requirements as written under “who can apply”.

I have enough credits but does not have the required subjects for three years of my integrated master. Can I apply?
No, you need to pass all the required subjects for 3 years at your program. You can ask the student adviser at your faculty about this.

How does the program affect my education and degree?
You will get a master of science degree from NTNU. If you have a technical degree, you can get the engineering title Sivilingeniør. You can take subjects that fit your needs or previous study. You will learn about entrepreneurship and will be educated to become a business developer.

 You can read more about the program here.

Will I start my own business at NSE?
Yes, after the first semester, students form teams and select the most promising business concepts, which they work on throughout the rest of the program. You can read more about the program here.


Contact us

Please feel free to contact our Recruitment Team, es.rekruttering@iot.ntnu.no, if you have any questions regarding the program, admission procedure or any other matters regarding your application. You can contact us before, during or even after you submit your application. Our Recruitment Team will be happy to answer all your questions about studying at NTNU School of Entrepreneurship and provide you with detailed practical information.

We emphasize that general issues regarding the admission process are best answered by NTNU’s admission office.