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Alumni weekend in Trondheim

Written by - 20.04.2018 - kl. 11.33

We have an amazing alumni network at NTNU School of Entrepreneurship, and every year we meet in Trondheim. Here, the alumni get to help and mentor current students through a alumni workshop, and most importantly, the students and alumni get to know one another. After the workshop, the night continued with a delicious meal at Jossa, followed by a night out at Downtown.

NTNU School of Entrepreneurship Info Meeting

Written by - 20.03.2018 - kl. 11.22

On wednesday, March 21st, we arrange our annual “Info meeting” at FRAM NTNU. Here, you will get the information you need about us, how it is to be a student here, and last but not least, meet our students and get your questions answered.

It starts at 1800 and ends around 2000. Click here for link to our Facebook event.

See you there!

Repost of the live stream, after the event:

If you want to see more from the info meeting or want to know more about what’s happening at NTNU School of Entrepreneurship, check out the facebook page here.

Visit from BDO Trondheim

Written by - 13.03.2018 - kl. 13.56

BDO Trondheim came to Gløshaugen to teach our students about financing, business law and organisational structure. Learning from people who perform these tasks daily and whom are so excited about the topics they talk about is amazing. After the lecture, our students had private meetings with the BDO employees to discuss the topics that were of most relevance to their startups.

15 years with more than new ventures – February Edition

Written by - 28.02.2018 - kl. 19.09

In this second presentation of master’s theses from NTNU School of Entrepreneurship, we span over the last ten years and have found three theses that have had a close connection to the faculty’s research. Two of them include topics that have interested and been researched by the faculty, and the last where one student later became part of NSE’s faculty and continued his work. In addition, all of these theses have proved to be timely and interesting outside NSE, where researchers at other universities have shown great interest in the work.

We hope you get inspired and enjoy the reading! If you want to read more about our students’ prior theses, you can find January’s three theses HERE.

– The faculty of NSE


Visit from research and higher education minister, Iselin Nybø

Written by - 23.02.2018 - kl. 15.37

This week the minister of research and higher education in Norway, Iselin Nybø came to visit NTNU School of Entrepreneurship. She came to hear about the unique learning enviroment at our master program as well as hear about Spark NTNU and Engage – SFU. Even more fun was it when three our own startups got to present their companies in front of Ms. Nybø and her crew.

We are happy to welcome anyone who wants to learn about how we work an learn. Please contact us if you are interested as well!

Visit at the Lerchendal-conference

Written by - 14.02.2018 - kl. 08.44

The Lerchendal-conference, also known for being the Norwegian answer to Davos, is a meeting place for leaders within the Norwegian industry, research environments and public management. The theme for this years conference was “From visions to execution – Norwegian competitiveness in a digital world”. With talks from profiles such as prime minister Erna Solberg, chief technology officer in Microsoft, Shahzad Rana, and executive vice president in SINTEF, Alexandra Bech Gjørn, the conference provided a comprehensive program where innovation was in focus.

Being students at NTNU School of Entrepreneurship and hopeful entrepreneurs, some of us were lucky enough to participate at this years conference. Through quality discussions around the tables, panel debates and good presentations, we really get the pulse of social development here in Norway. In the video below we talk to the principle of NTNU, Gunnar Bovim, about the importance of study programs like ours.

If we are to remember one thing from the conference, it can be summed up in a quote from the General Director for research and innovation in EU, Wolfgang Burtscher:

“Innovation has never happened so fast before and it will never be so slow again”

15 years with more than ventures

Written by - 31.01.2018 - kl. 15.05

Although NTNU School of Entrepreneurship (NSE) has bred forth numerous new ventures, tech development in world class, and graduates with extensive knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship, its students are also presenting academic work with high standards. Through NSE’s years of existence, a number of Master’s theses have been written; investigating interesting topics, answering important questions, and providing the students with an insight into the world of academic writing. Some of these theses had, and still have, a potential of being important for researchers, scholars and practitioners. Thus, these theses should neither be forgotten, nor defined as just an academic task, because, as you will see below, NSE fosters more than new ventures.

In 2018, NSE celebrates its fifteenth anniversary and as a part of the celebration, the faculty has gathered fifteen theses from prior NSE students, and intend to present three of these theses each month onward. The theses presented will be a variety of academic prodigies, timely written investigations and theses not necessarily meaningful to the majority of the world, but with topics of profound importance to NSE’s students. Some will carry limited empirical foundation, nevertheless with impressive results. Others have a data collection that would cause professors to become envy, but where the students still handled the data in an impressive manner. Moreover, all of the above show the impressive span in the students’ theses.

In this series of presentations, we intend to provide you with an overview of what NSE students focus on, what outcomes the Master’s theses could give, and what the students themselves think of their theses – some of which written more than a decade ago! You will therefore find abstracts and interviews with the authors of the presented theses. If some of the works are of interest to you, the majority of the theses are available at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology’s library. If they are not available, we assume the authors would be happy to share some of their knowledge.

We hope you will enjoy reading!

– The faculty of NSE



Written by - 09.04.2017 - kl. 15.12

Ønsker du å søke NTNUs Entreprenørskole? På mandag 10.april setter vi igang en livestream her på facebook hvor du kan stille spørsmål og høre hvordan det er å gå på Entreprenørskolen. Vi svarer LIVE.

Du kan sende inn spørsmål på forhånd, eller under livestreamen. Meld interesse på FACEBOOKEVENTET

Vel møtt og god påske!