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Dsafe gets acquired by Bambora

Written by - 10.09.2015 - kl. 12.57

Alumni Daro Navaratnam’s company Dsafe gets acquired by the Swedish payment company Bambora. Dsafe has since 2009 developed a digital platform which helps sellers analyse sales and customer data. They have over 5 000 customers today, including the likes of Boklageret and XXL. Navaratnam believes the acquisition will help them get their innovative solutions out to the global network Bambora possesses. Johan Tjärnberg, CEO of Bambora Group, is certain that the Dsafe technology will help their customers increase sales. NSE is proud of this great achievement by Navaratnam and his team.

Sounds Good gets funding!

Written by - 04.08.2015 - kl. 14.12




In the beginning of the summer, Sounds Good received $ 380 000 from The Research Council of Norway. This is highly valuable for the team, which is collaborating with NTNU TTO (Trondheim Technology Transfer) and researchers at NTNU. The funding is being used to verify Sounds Good’s concept and to develop a speech recognition technology. Sounds Good is helping people with learning listening and pronunciation skills, and in August they are launching the beta version of their app. Further, the team is seeking people who is learning Norwegian and can provide feedback on the app.

Congratulations to the new students!

Written by - 05.06.2015 - kl. 16.57

The admission process is over and we want to congratulate the new students. The quality has been extremely high this year and we want to thank all the applicants.

Informasjon til søkere

Written by - 28.04.2015 - kl. 11.10

1. Kandidatene vurderes ut fra skriftlig søknad og vedlegg.

2. De beste av disse blir kalt inn til intervju mellom 29. april og 20. mai. Rekkefølgen for intervju er i hovedsak tilfeldig (ingen prioritering).

3. Innkallingen til intervju skjer fortløpende i perioden 29. april til 20. mai. Dersom du ikke hører noe har du ikke blitt kalt inn til intervju.

4. Intervjuet varer i ca 20-25 minutter. Hensikten er å bli bedre kjent med kandidatene, og at de skal få stille spørsmål. Man trenger ikke ta med seg noe dokumentasjon/annet på intervjuet.

5. Kandidater som av praktiske grunner ikke kan gjennomføre intervjuet i Trondheim, vil kunne få tilbud om intervju over videotelefoni/Skype.

6. Vi har ambisjoner om å ha klar en innstilling til 1. juni. Når denne er klar, vil dere få en indikasjon fra opptakskomiteen på om dere innstilles for opptak. Et endelig opptak forutsetter at alle formelle kriterier er tilfredsstilt ( Det er opptakskontoret ved NTNU som gjennomfører selve opptaket.

7. Spørsmål om opptaksprosessen kan sendes til Roar Brattås (

A visit from The Ministry of Education and Research

Written by - 06.12.2014 - kl. 13.05

Bilde til KD-sak


We are proud to say that NTNUs School of Entrepreneurship attracts some special guests. A delegation from The Ministry of Education and Research came to visit and experience the entrepreneurial spirit at NTNU on Friday the 5th of December.

Our friends from Spark* kicked off the event with telling how NTNU and TrønderEnergi came together to create a highly successful organization that within the first year of operation has helped over 100 student startups. Further, our beloved house attorney Tommy Dahlen told the story of NSE and how the master programme strives to educate the best business developers in the world. In classic NSE style, several startups took this chance to pitch their project. Morpho Solar, Armoni, Voico and Lærerportalen (HiST) impressed the audience with energetic speech and ambitious visions. Afterwards the delegation got invited to our incubator to interact with the students. They listened keenly to the elevator pitches and stories from the life at NSE, and even got to see some prototypes.

We want to thank The Ministry of Education and Research for their visit and gladly welcome them again sometime.


Visitors from Chalmers

Written by - 08.11.2014 - kl. 11.28


This week NSE had some special visitors. Six students from our sister school in Sweden, Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship, worked and played in our incubator. On the menu there was traditional norwegian sodd, elevator pitches, knowledge sharing, movie night with Flåklypa and theatre at Studentersamfundet to name a few. In other words, just another week at NSE.

We want to thank you for the visit and hope our relationship can grow even stronger from here.


Screening Week at CERN

Written by - 21.10.2014 - kl. 15.20

4th grade has spent one intensive screening week at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. In three groups the students studied three different technologies developed by the scientists at CERN. The technologies were originally developed for applications in the LHC (Large Hadron Collider), now it was up to the students to find other application areas outside of CERN.

Understanding the advanced technologies is one thing, finding suitable application areas that also comply with CERN’s high standards is another deal entirely. With great effort and creative thinking the students investigated several interesting areas like cancer treatment, thermal management of electronics and handling of radioactive goods that might be the foundation to create new CERN spin-offs.

At the end of the week the results were clear. The inventors and the people at the Knowledge Transfer Office of CERN were very pleased and the students were quite tired, but very content. After thanking all of CERN for an unforgettable experience, the students left for Trondheim again, ready for some well deserved relaxing before new challenges awaits them.

Next Stop: CERN

Written by - 01.10.2014 - kl. 13.03


Last week 4th grade completed their third feasibility test. Seven ideas where tested, and some of them showed huge potential. Maybe a future NSE business will emerge from one of the ideas? In two weeks they are heading off to CERN, Switzerland, to execute the fourth test based on technology developed there.

Feasibility Studies is a very important course during the first semester at NSE. The course is  practical, where the students evaluate the commercialization potential of business ideas. Both external and internal ideas are tested. At the end of the semester, the students team up and choose the idea they want to commercialize.

Feasibility Studies is not like any other course at NTNU. A whole week is dedicated to one feasibility test, where the students gather information from hundreds of contacts. The results from the feasibility studies are presented in a report and in front of a panel of experts. To say that these weeks are hectic is an understatement, but the students are given a unique possibility to stumble upon ideas that can develop to be the next big thing. Thus the course fits with NSE’s slogan: “Not because it’s easy”.