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Live webinar, Wednesday April 13th!

Written by - 11.04.2016 - kl. 08.33

Do you wish to apply for the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship? Have questions that aren’t answered on the website or on our facebook group?

We’ll answer your questions LIVE via stream (update, new link:, Wednesday April 13th from 17:00 to 19:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time).

To the right of the video you’ll find a chat bar where you can ask us questions. You can also ask them in advance in our facebook event, here:

Sevendof wins ES Championship 2016

Written by - 06.04.2016 - kl. 22.25

Days and nights of hard work paid off for Sevendof, who could celebrate being the winners of ES Championship 2016. The NTNU School of Entrepreneurship hosts the competition every year in order to highlight the best business case among the 4th year students, which this year was awarded with a travel stipend of 15.000 NOK. Congratulations again to Sevendof!


Grabster won Applab!

Written by - 04.04.2016 - kl. 21.59

After six months of hard work, mentoring and iterations, the startups participating in the NTNU-based app-accelerator had their final presentations in front of a jury last week. In the end, in-house startup Grabster bested the competition and are this year’s winners of Applab. Congratulations!


FlowMotion and Voico headline NSE winners at Technoport

Written by - 03.03.2016 - kl. 20.56

With a BMX backflip entrance to the stage, Didrik Dimmen from FlowMotion Technologies kicked off the pitch that would later win them the top spot and over 1 million Norwegian kroner of investment, at yesterday’s Technoport Live Crowdfunding Experience. The runner-up Dropracks, also from NSE, received more than 600.000 NOK in the record-breaking equity crowdfunding event. And the night didn’t end there.

Voico won Technoport 2016’s Pitch Competition, taking home 250.000 Norwegian kroner after beating out a total of 29 other competitors. Runners-up for the prize were also NSE startups, namely FlowMotion Technologies and Graphiq.

We congratulate all of our startups with fantastic results, and an unforgettable night at Technoport 2016!


NSE success at Storebrand

Written by - 21.02.2016 - kl. 23.55


Last weekend Storebrand financial services awarded a total of 168.000 NOK to five promising Norwegian start-ups, three of which were our own: Voico, One Earth Designs and Amok. We’re proud and happy to see that our NSE students and alumni are thriving!

Photo credit: Storebrand