15 years with more than new ventures – March Edition

Written by - 31.03.2018 - kl. 13.24

At the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship, we have a saying that ‘we are cowboys riding on the edge of the unknown’. While the origin of the quote or saying is a bit disputed, its meaning still stand strong among the students and faculty. For this third presentation of theses, we will focus on some of the lonesome riders, those who challenge the edge of uncertainty, but who manage to expand our map and understanding rather than staying put in the ‘Valley of Death’. These theses are thus single-authored, but they all also revolve around sustainable activities or focus, and their authors’ work reflects excellent writing, long hours, and creative solutions and approaches.

Once again, we hope you get inspired and enjoy the reading! If you want to read more about our students’ prior theses, you can find January and February’s six theses here and here.

The faculty of NSE


Students from NTNU School of Entrepreneurship talks about their program (Norwegian).

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Live (repost from Facebook) from NTNU School of Entrepreneurship about how to apply to the program, interviews with students and information about our case competition, the golden ticket!

You can read more about the case competition, the golden ticket here, and if you have any questions you can check out Q&As here! For any other inquiries send us an email at es.rekruttering@iot.ntnu.no.