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Feasibility studies at NSE

Written by - 10.10.2018 - kl. 10.52

The first semester at NTNU School of Entrepreneurship (NSE) the year 4 students are divided into rotating groups and conduct six different feasibility studies. The goal of a feasibility study is to investigate the commercialization potential of ideas, university research, or identified problems or opportunities. Feasibility studies at NSE are one of the most important and exciting activities, as this is where many of our success stories begin.


Visit from CERN

Written by - 08.10.2018 - kl. 18.13

NTNU School of Entrepreneurship has developed a close cooperation with CERN, Switzerland, one of the world’s largest research centers. Every year the new students visits the research facility in Switzerland to discover and test new applications for CERN’s technology. They can later choose the technology as their commercialization project for the next semester.

Today, former student and entrepreneurship development officer from CERN, Ranveig Strøm, visited year 4 students at NTNU School of Entrepreneurship. She held a presentation for them about which technologies they could choose to test new applications for. The technology is software or hardware, often made for tasks related to the particle accelerator. This software and hardware have a lot of potential in other areas as well, and the goal for the trip to CERN is for the students to experience how it is to start with a technical product and try to find new ways to commercialize it through an intensive feasibility study.

NTNU School of Entrepreneurship celebrates 15 years!

Written by - 02.10.2018 - kl. 16.23

Last week was NTNU School of Entrepreneurship celebrating their 15 years anniversary, after Øystein Widding and Roger Sørheim started the program back in 2003. The anniversary lasted two days and was packed with different activities that included a celebration dinner, entrepreneurial learning and lectures, pitches by students from the 4th grade and alumni, workshops and much more.

The anniversary weekend brought back over 100 alumni and around 200 people from the program network. It was impressive to see so many entrepreneurs and likeminded gathered to see where the program is today, and where it will be in the next 15 years!

Visit by Minister of Industry

Written by - 17.09.2018 - kl. 14.23

Today, at NTNU School of Entrepreneurship, we received a visit by Minister of Industry Torbjørn Røe Isaksen. He met both students from 4th grade, and startups from 5th grade.

Salt Lake City, the Hub of Geneology Innovations.

Written by - 16.08.2018 - kl. 15.57

Hey all!

I’ve been so lucky to attend the world’s biggest innovation and genealogy conference, RootsTech 2018, in the Mormon capital, Salt Lake City, USA. Due to a strong belief in family tradition and a strong focus on writing personal journals among Mormons, SLC has become the centre for genealogy. Not only do the city libraries hold archives which date a long way back in time, but three out of the world’s five biggest genealogy companies are based out of Salt Lake City. Around these companies, there are plenty of startups trying to find new and better ways of preserving memories and family histories. With a total market size of approx. 3 billion USD, there is a lot of people trying to get a piece of the pie. So, if you are thinking of starting up a business aiming towards family history or genealogy, then SLC is a must to visit.

But, Salt Lake City is not only known for genealogy. The region around Salt Lake, which is known for its many ski resorts, is nicknamed Silicon Slopes because of its high entrepreneurial activity. For example, Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute at University of Utah was awarded USA’s best college for entrepreneurs in 2016 and the entrepreneurial program at Marriott School, BYU in the neighbouring city, Provo, has been among the top ten best colleges in the last seven years. Additionally, the region is overrepresented on the TV series Shark Tank, where entrepreneurs present their products to potential investors. Some of the well-known companies from the Salt Lake area are, for example, Skullcandy and Cisco. Something is being done right in Utah and it is not easy to put a finger on exactly what that is. Maybe it’s the Mormon mentality of walking around and knocking on doors which have lead to many of these actually being opened.

15 years with more than new ventures – May Edition

Written by - 13.07.2018 - kl. 15.55

The fifth presentation in our series of master’s theses contains three theses that all focus on
questions that the authors have obtained through their work in their start-up or through other
projects. The two first focus on the funding of new ventures and one especially on student-led
ventures, while the latter enters into an industry and focus on the competitiveness of these new
firms. The thesis are written of students graduating from NSE in 2006, 2009 and 2010, and are old but excellent in terms of their questions and findings!

We hope you get inspired and enjoy the reading of this month! If you want to read more about our
students’ prior theses, you can find theses from January, February, March and April here, here here and here.

– The faculty of NSE

In-house startup: Combine

Written by - 12.06.2018 - kl. 21.09

Combine (one of the in-house startups) has just started their second pilot project. The first one was in Trondheim and this one is in Oslo. Combine aims for making it easier for people to try out new activities and get a more varied training offer in their daily life.

Combine is a fitness membership that brings together different fitness studios with various activities in just one membership. For about 700 NOK a month, members of Combine get to explore activities such as yoga, climbing, kickboxing, swimming, and pilates, as well as getting access to several gyms for individual training. Combine’s two-way platform distributes different workout classes on one side and collects a group of training enthusiasts on the other side.

For the moment, Line and Siw from the team behind Combine are working from the Agera Accelerator. Here they get a lot of good advice and help from professionals to further develop their service (as this photo from last weeks pitch shows).


combine pitch


You can read more about Combine here!

Updated information about application and interview process

Written by - 28.05.2018 - kl. 11.14

We have received many questions about the application process and interview times. Here is an update:

1. We will start interviewing candidates Friday 1st of June and have interviews until 15th of June.
2. Interviews will be held in person in Trondheim, or over Skype for those who can not meet in person.
3. Candidates will within Tuesday 29th of May know if they have qualified for an interview or no.
4. Candidates will know if they are recommended to start at NTNUs School of Entrepreneurship from the academic administrative division of NTNU in the middle of July.

15 years with more than new ventures – April Edition

Written by - 30.04.2018 - kl. 19.32

The fourth presentation in our series of master’s theses contains three theses that all have implications for policy makers. The authors in this round all wanted to explore topics that could help entrepreneurs, teachers and facilitators to be better in their work. Through thorough explorations, deep insights and an external interest, the theses are both well written and of an influencing character. The theses are also written by students in the classes ‘13, ’14, and ’15, and as such illustrates the variation in topics that are found in the different consecutive years.

We hope you get inspired and enjoy the reading of this month! If you want to read more about our students’ prior theses, you can find theses from January, February and March here, here and here.

The faculty of NSE