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Combining theory and practice

Written by - 30.11.2017 - kl. 14.43

NSE is not an incubator, but a master’ program. Pretty much all that is needed to formally qualify for The Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship is being fluent in Norwegian and having a bachelor’s degree (specifics can be found here). Also, you have to be motivated and show this through the cover letter. So if you are accepted, what should you expect?

As the title reveals, the NSE students have just as many courses and credits as any other student at NTNU. During NSE you have nine standard courses, where four are related to your bachelor’s degree, and the remaining five are entrepreneurship-oriented courses. These are adapted to enable the students to combine the time they spend on these classes and the time they spend on their startups. This overlap is undoubtingly one of NSE’s strengths as a master’s program.