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ESAF news – Exero

Written by - 14.01.2019 - kl. 18.25

“What a great start to 2019! Last week we launched Spike in Norway and received the DOGA design award along with our partner EGGS Design.” – Exero

Exciting news from the company Exero, that launched Spike and received the DOGA design award last week. It is impressive to see their accomplishments on such a short amount of time. The team behind Exero completed their master degrees from NTNU last year and have great knowledge within mechanical engineering and business development. They started Exero and the development of Spike during their study and are still developing the company and increasing the value they bring to their end users.

Working together is everything at NSE. You will work with your teammates every day towards your goals and can look back at a time with challenges and achievements. In our master program, you will learn about the opportunity to make something you and other people care about. Exero is making Spike and is now changing how people can train. Check out their latest video below!