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Great success for NSE in Venture Cup

Written by - 16.04.2015 - kl. 12.00

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Helping Hands, Inhibio and Chemfree could all celebrate on Venture Cup this week. ChemFree was selected as the Norwegian representative for the competition “Grøn Dyst”, and  Helping hands and Inhibio both won a seat in the regional Venture Cup final in August. Congratulations!

More about the startups:

Helping Hands creates a platform where people can share and complete minor tasks. Through a web page and app for smartphones, people can either post their help request, or choose to give a helping hand. In this way helpers can earn money. Helping Hands aims at becoming world’s biggest platform for sharing tasks and helping people.

Inhibio brings the market a portfolio of compounds showing great potential as biofilm inhibitors.

ChemFree is a new revolutionary technology for treatment of marine oil spill. Oil spill from blowouts and shipwrecks is a serious environmental threat, and the damages and cost done by oil spill is increased hundredfolds when the oil hits shore. ChemFree functions without the use of chemicals, which is environmental friendly as well as cost effective. It also performs under any type of weather conditions, dissolves all kinds of oil, and has a larger action window than traditional methods.


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