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In-house startup: Combine

Written by - 12.06.2018 - kl. 21.09

Combine (one of the in-house startups) has just started their second pilot project. The first one was in Trondheim and this one is in Oslo. Combine aims for making it easier for people to try out new activities and get a more varied training offer in their daily life.

Combine is a fitness membership that brings together different fitness studios with various activities in just one membership. For about 700 NOK a month, members of Combine get to explore activities such as yoga, climbing, kickboxing, swimming, and pilates, as well as getting access to several gyms for individual training. Combine’s two-way platform distributes different workout classes on one side and collects a group of training enthusiasts on the other side.

For the moment, Line and Siw from the team behind Combine are working from the Agera Accelerator. Here they get a lot of good advice and help from professionals to further develop their service (as this photo from last weeks pitch shows).


combine pitch


You can read more about Combine here!