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Insect food for a brighter future

Written by - 08.04.2015 - kl. 08.38

mikuna (1)earth

Meet Mikuna! Mikuna is one of the new startups at NTNU School of Entrepreneurship, and they are doing something out of the ordinary. The team is namely developing food products from insects. Why? Because as the world’s population grows, the demand for protein rich food increase. Today’s meat production is not sustainable, neither for meeting the population growth nor for the global environment. Furthermore, the threat of multidrug resistant bacteria in food is increasing. As an alternative, insects are regarded as a solution to these problems. Insects contain all the essential proteins, it has high fiber content, as well as it is eco-friendly and has low risks for diseases through food. This makes insects a perfect option for today’s choice of food. Mikuna thus aims to develop food products from insects for consumption in the western world. The goal is to offer a superior source of protein and nutrients tailor made for the modern kitchen. Mikuna aims to introduce insects on your dinner table for the better for both you – and for our planet!