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‘International College Students’ Entrepreneurship Invitational Competition

Written by - 23.10.2018 - kl. 10.25

Sensero won a bronze price for one of the best business plans in a competition at Zhejiang University!

Last week, Sensero and Traqr attended ‘International College Students’ Entrepreneurship Invitational Competition 2018 at Zhejiang University, which is one of the most prestigious universities in China. They were representing parts of the Norwegian trade delegation to Shanghai before they were presenting their companies for representatives from Chinese businesses. Together with startups from schools like MIT, Stanford and the National University of Singapore was our two startups from NTNU, NTNU School of Entrepreneurship competing for having the best business plan.

After pitching their business plans was Sensero selected as one of the startups with the best business plan and received a bronze medal in the competition. In addition, the students from both Sensero and Traqr got the opportunity to meet other students, partners and key persons in a different culture in China. As Fredrik Riiser from Traqr formulated in a post after the trip; “it was an amazing experience to learn about the entrepreneurial similarities and key differences we as a nation with long-term economic prosperity share with the world’s most booming economy.