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Next Stop: CERN

Written by - 01.10.2014 - kl. 13.03


Last week 4th grade completed their third feasibility test. Seven ideas where tested, and some of them showed huge potential. Maybe a future NSE business will emerge from one of the ideas? In two weeks they are heading off to CERN, Switzerland, to execute the fourth test based on technology developed there.

Feasibility Studies is a very important course during the first semester at NSE. The course is  practical, where the students evaluate the commercialization potential of business ideas. Both external and internal ideas are tested. At the end of the semester, the students team up and choose the idea they want to commercialize.

Feasibility Studies is not like any other course at NTNU. A whole week is dedicated to one feasibility test, where the students gather information from hundreds of contacts. The results from the feasibility studies are presented in a report and in front of a panel of experts. To say that these weeks are hectic is an understatement, but the students are given a unique possibility to stumble upon ideas that can develop to be the next big thing. Thus the course fits with NSE’s slogan: “Not because it’s easy”.