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New year and new possibilities

Written by - 06.01.2019 - kl. 12.43

Thank you for a great 2018. We look forward to seeing new startups, students, professors, classes, experiences and possibilities in 2019. Feel free to contact us for questions about the program, collaborations, students or anything else that you have interest in.  The NSE program continues next week and we are eager to meet the possibilities of 2019!


Assistant professor at NSE

Written by - 20.12.2018 - kl. 15.10

A position as assistant professor in entrepreneurship has opened up at NTNU School of Entrepreneurship! Check out the link to see if it can be something for you. The position is within entrepreneurship, innovation, strategy, and international business development.

ESAF news – from the NSE alumni

Written by - 12.12.2018 - kl. 15.54

ESAF is the alumni of NTNU School of Entrepreneurship. Everyone in ESAF has a really close connection, and we always share good and bad news. This week is no exception. We want to congratulate Sevendof that has raised over 3 million dollars for their drone projects, and Connect LNG for the award “Emerging Technology of the Year” – often described as the Oscar’s of the energy industry!

It’s been an amazing journey for these companies. From Sevendofs first prototype for a far-flying drone to their first step into the direction for a new infrastructure. And for Connect LNG that started their testing in small-scale sea-laboratories and ended up with a real scale jettyless system.

If you want to know more, you can follow NTNU School of Entrepreneurship at Facebook for news about the alumni, startups, and everything that goes on in the program!

Douchebags, this year’s gazelle company in Oslo

Written by - 06.12.2018 - kl. 16.55

Douchebags is this year’s gazelle company in Oslo and the second in all of Norway. The company has 10x’ its sales revenues over four years and passes 77 million kroner this year. Congratulations to Db Equipment for the strong placements in this year’s Gazelle list in Norway.

You can read the incredible story about Douchebags in Dagens Næringsliv (Norwegian only).

Foto: Mikaela Berg (source: DN)

“A school for changemakers”

Written by - 29.11.2018 - kl. 21.53

“What makes NSE such a special study is the way you develop both knowledge, skills and understanding of yourself all at once.” – Elise Landsem


source: Engage

Elise Landsem has written a blog post at Engage about listening to her core values when choosing her education and career. Elise previously studied at the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship and is currently the CMO of the startup Folkeinvest, and board member and web responsible at the NGO Amigitos.

It is a motivating and inspiering article you can read at

What is NTNU School of Entrepreneurship?

Written by - 27.11.2018 - kl. 16.19

Teknologihovedstaden Trondheim (The Technology Capital Trondheim) has made a great video about NTNU School of Entrepreneurship. Take a look!

NSE Newsletter Q4 2018

Written by - 18.11.2018 - kl. 11.46

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Tenth CERN-NTNU Screening Week held at CERN

Written by - 13.11.2018 - kl. 20.03

Ranveig Strøm at CERN Knowledge Transfer Group has written an article about NSE and CERN. It is interesting to see how the screening week can be a start of new businesses related to CERN technology, and how well this can be done. The tenth version of the programme was a success as always!

You can read the article at


Feasibility studies

Written by - 05.11.2018 - kl. 11.35

Feasibility studies are the main focus for all first-year NSE students the first semester. They analyze business ideas and take a look into the possibilities for creating a startup from the idea. This requires high productivity and a lot of information about the field. Each week ends with several presentations held by each group.