NTNU School of Entrepreneurship has developed a close cooperation with CERN, Switzerland, one of the world’s largest research centers. One of the feasibility studies in the first semester is carried through at CERN, where the students stay in Switzerland for one week. During the week they discover and test new applications for CERN’s technology, which they later may choose as their commercialization project. There are now two NSE startups that are founded on technology from CERN, namely Tind Technologies and GEM Radon Detectors. Read more about them in the menu startups.

Students at NSE can additionally choose to write their master thesis at CERN, where they can stay at CERN for one year.




The first year at NTNU is followed by a summer semester at  Boston University. Students enrol in entrepreneurship classes and receive help and guidance from skilled professors with significant entrepreneurial experience. Boston is one of the world’s most thriving entrepreneurial cities and has fostered thousands of startups. Boston is home to numerous startup events and provides countless possibilities for the NSE ventures. The summer semester is a collaboration between NSE and the study program Gründerskolen (UiO). It is not mandatory, and parts of the program are financed by the students themselves. Lånekassen covers most of the expenses, and the remaining part can be financed through external scholarships.


tautrekking 2Michael Charlotte

The summer in Boston was the most inspiring and eventful summer I´ve ever experienced. I gained a whole new perspective on entrepreneurship and creating a business through meeting and learning from the best. I would go again any day.

— Elin Kathrine Saunes, Co-Founder, Amok equipment

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