Professor Widding is a cofounder of NTNU School of Entrepreneurship . He holds a dr. oecon (2003) and a cand. merc (1999) degree from Bodø Graduate School of Business, cand. mag from Lillehammer College (1995). Widding is currently working as a Director at SFU Engage, a Centre of Excellence through Entrepreneurship Education. Besides his academic career, Widding has several  years of management experience, e.g. as managing director, business angel, infantry officer, business angel, entrepreneur and from executive boards.

His special research interests are entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education. The context for his research is technology based firms in early stage with growth ambitions, where there are challenges to attract resources, such as knowledge and risk capital, e.g. through business angels, seed capital and venture capital. Widding’s vision is that all students at universities are introduced to entrepreurship, which will reveal learning energy, and empower the candidates to become change agents in different contexts for the better of the society.