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Putting in the last piece of the puzzle

Written by - 23.11.2017 - kl. 21.57

The 4th-graders have finished their fifth feasibility study, and the last piece has been added to the puzzle. Each feasibility study is a puzzle on its own, which again is just another piece in this semesters puzzle. The business ideas that have been tested throughout this semester are now gathered in an idea pool, from which the students will choose ideas, after forming teams in a few days.

The students have shown a significant improvement in several aspects. First and foremost all the students now deliver high-quality presentations. They have developed skills that enable them to adapt the content to the audience, with listeners ranging from co-students with very different backgrounds to some of the most skilled researchers in the world, at CERN in Geneva.

Second, the NSE students have grown an understanding of what perspectives are central when considering entering a market, ranging from existing solutions, business models, and competitors. Rather than following a given template, which the students did during their first feasibility studies, they now adapt to the respective cases and distribute their resources better.

A final feature that should be mentioned is the students’ outgoingness. To be able to quickly get in touch with the right people and have them answer your questions is demanding. We are lucky that the business hierarchy is a lot less steep than in other countries, but cold-calling is never easy. The pick-up-the-phone frequency has increased significantly over the last months.

As the semester is coming to an end, we zoom out and see things from an even broader perspective. It turns out that the so-called last piece of the puzzle that has been put down is solely part of a fraction of the next puzzle that is to be solved. Exciting things are happening the coming days. Stay tuned.