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Screening Week at CERN

Written by - 21.10.2014 - kl. 15.20

4th grade has spent one intensive screening week at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. In three groups the students studied three different technologies developed by the scientists at CERN. The technologies were originally developed for applications in the LHC (Large Hadron Collider), now it was up to the students to find other application areas outside of CERN.

Understanding the advanced technologies is one thing, finding suitable application areas that also comply with CERN’s high standards is another deal entirely. With great effort and creative thinking the students investigated several interesting areas like cancer treatment, thermal management of electronics and handling of radioactive goods that might be the foundation to create new CERN spin-offs.

At the end of the week the results were clear. The inventors and the people at the Knowledge Transfer Office of CERN were very pleased and the students were quite tired, but very content. After thanking all of CERN for an unforgettable experience, the students left for Trondheim again, ready for some well deserved relaxing before new challenges awaits them.