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Sounds Good receives grant from NTNU Discovery

Written by - 15.04.2015 - kl. 06.14

Sounds good

The NSE startup Sounds Good just received 150 000 NOK from NTNU Discovery. This will help the project to reach the next phase, and their goal is to develop a demo-version of their app within June 2015.

The start-up team from NSE consists of two engaged members, Ekaterina Fedorova and Adine Dørum, who are working hard to reach their goal of launching an app that will help people who learn a foreign language to acquire suitable listening and pronunciation skills. Lack of confidence in using newly acquired language skills in social contexts is a common challenge that many people face which have consequences for a whole society, such as isolation and unemployment. Sounds Good customizes listening and pronunciation exercises based on the user’s native language. The NSE-team are collaborating with TTO and a group of language researchers at Department of Language and Literature at NTNU who spent around 6 years developing a unique methodology. The methodology is based on a language map that provides information about which speech sounds that does not exist in the learner’s native language, but exist in the language that the learner wants to master.