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Spark* NTNU is opening up for new applicants!

Written by - 06.02.2019 - kl. 17.49

To be enrolled as a student at NSE it helps to have experience from the entrepreneurial ecosystem at NTNU. Spark* is an ideal way to get this experience and they are now hiring!

Spark* NTNU is a student organization focusing on mentoring other students in how to start your own business, on everything from user-testing to fundraising. The organization was founded in 2014 by students from NSE, and throughout the years, NSE has provided the organization with employees to the variety of positions Spark* NTNU can offer. As of today Spark NTNU consist of 28 paid part-time employees where each employee also studies at NTNU.

Now they are opening up for new applicants who want to join one of the leading mentorship programs by students for students in the world.

The positions are as follow: President,  Vice-President, Head of Marketing, Event Manager, Mentor, Graphical Designer, Marketing

Want to apply? go to and read about the different positions!

Note: All the applications are in Norwegian.