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Protecting your valuables!

PramPack was founded in 2008 by Anne Morkemo, Audun Ueland (ES) and Anders Mjåset (ES). Anne had flown around the world with her young son and felt the pain of travelling with a pram- it broke and ruined her vacations. Anne was not alone, and the problem was affecting millions of family travels in Northern Europe alone. She came up with a brilliant idea for a new type of special luggage for prams, which later was patented. Together with Audun and Anders she commercialized the idea and within 2011 PramPack was winning international design and industry awards around the world. Within the same year they had sales in  more than 500 stores in six countries,  and distributers in more than 35 countries wanted the product rights for their regions. Big airliners like Norwegian and SAS partnered up with PramPack making the product the first ever pram luggage to be “approved” by international airlines in the region. After three successful startup-years the company was sold to Stokke for an undisclosed sum and the product is now available throughout Stokkes sales network in more than 55 markets internationally.

The founding team has gone on to become serial entrepreneurs with Anders and Audun founding MESH in 2012 – Norways leading innovation platform for modern entrepreneurs, and Anne founding Ågot Lian – a seafood restaurant in Trondheim. Combined they employ more than 50 people and their companies are rapidly expanding. They are advisors to the government on entrepreneurship, members of WEF Global Shapers and Anders was Norway’s youngest delegate to the World Economic Forum in Davos 2014. They sit in various boards of startups and have also done angel investing.

For more info, visit Stokke’s website.