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Written by - 24.09.2019 - kl. 10.17

With the increasing numbers of disasters affecting us, utilizing resources in the best way possible have never been more important. Our mission is to help our customers prepare for the unpredictable and structure the chaos. Disaster relief organizations struggle with capacity problems when deploying aid workers for big projects. On the other hand, volunteers want to contribute more than they do today. In many disaster relief organizations, processes are not digitized. We want to help – WAID is the first two-sided marketplace solving an unmet need on both sides. Volunteers will be able to contribute as much as they want in causes that matter to them, and the organizations will be able to deploy for more missions than they do today. Our team consists of the founders and NSE students Jonas Aakenes, Kristi Bjørnes Skeie and Karoline Saastad.

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