Wiral is a motorized camera system that easily attached to a wire enables filming at a distance.

Cabel cam symstems have brought dynamic shots to the big screen for over a decade. The problem is that these are for high production cameras. These systems are heavy, expensive and time consuming to both install and maneuver. With the arrival of GoPro and an increasing number of amateur filming, people therefore started making these themselves, but very few holds this kind of knowledge/expertise.

Trying to position us in the gap between the most expensive and best gear on one side and the diy cheap solutions on the other, we are introducing Wiral. An affordable, easy to set up cable cam for the filming purposes with both mobile and smaller cameras such as GoPro. It enables filming in challenging areas, where drones are impractical or straight out dangerous.

A cabel cam system for you and your friends, to enable cool and professional looking film clips.

Students working with Wiral: Emilie Aabakken, Øivind Aabye and Andrea Holvik Thorson.