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Written by - 24.06.2014 - kl. 03.12

Janagan is an aspiring student and has his academic background from Civil Engineering at NTNU, with a specialization in Project Management and Building Engineering Physics. Prior to attending NTNU, he served as a royal guard in His Majesty The King’s Guard. Besides his studies, Janagan has gained organizational and marketing experience being an executive officer for the largest cultural festival in Norway, UKA. As the Head of Sales, he led a force of 567 volunteer students to reach his goal of nearly 46 MNOK in revenue. As an ambitious student with high work capacity, NSE was a natural choice representing an opportunity to take part in new ventures and evolve his skills in business development. Janagan is a skilled revue actor and a much awarded street-dancer.

Janagan Balasingham are working with Splinter and has previously worked with ColiCot and Conexi