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Written by - 24.06.2014 - kl. 03.12

Ole Jørgen has an academic background in Computer Science at NTNU with specialization in Artificial Intelligence. Before starting at NTNU he studied Aeronautical engineering for 2 ½ years at The University of Sydney. Ole Jørgen is currently employed as an ambassador for the Department of Computer and Information Science as well as a salesman at Lefdal Elektromarked. He has also been a volunteer for over 5 years at The Gathering helping setup and maintaining one of the world’s largest temporary computer networks. Based on his education and work he has a strong technical competence and is an awarded salesman. He loves a challenge and looks at the School of Entrepreneurship as a great opportunity to study with like-minded people. On the social arena Ole Jørgen loves diving, sailing and riding motorcycles.

Ole Jørgen works with CPTR and has previously worked with BBD