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Written by - 24.06.2014 - kl. 02.49

Bjørn Petter has an economical background in Business Administration from the Norwegian University of Life Science (UMB). During his years at UMB he has been active in different student organizations such as UKA, Econa and leader of the career days. Prior to entering NTNU School of Entrepreneurship Bjørn Petter worked a year as an accountant in the construction industry, but found out that he wanted new challenges in an interdisciplinary environment with highly motivated students and more expertise in Entrepreneurship. As an ambitious student with high work capacity, NSE was a natural choice representing an opportunity to take part in new ventures and evolve his skills in business development. Bjørn Petter has lived a year in Texas as an exchange student and besides his studies he enjoys downhill skiing and playing soccer.

Bjørn Petter works with Akí