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Written by - 24.06.2014 - kl. 02.49

Dag Håkon is an enthusiastic and multi-talented student aiming to use technology to make a change, working on the borderline between science and business. He holds a MSc degree in nanotechnology from NTNU, and wrote his (first) master thesis on advanced materials. After finishing his masters degree, and prior to joining the NSE, he was employed as an IT engineer at NTNU and started FlexiMetrix, developing wireless test and measurement electronics. Dag Håkon has experience from corporate relations in AIESEC and was the student representative in the advisory board of the nanotechnology study programme. Currently, he is a board member at Save the Children. He is also a co-founder of the space organization SEDS Norway. Besides this, Dag Håkon has interests and skills within electronics design and mechanical engineering, and can be found working on his vintage Citroën cars.

Dag Håkon works with Morpho Solar, see and