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Written by - 24.06.2014 - kl. 02.49

Ola has a bachelors degree in economics from Sør-Trøndelag University College in addition to a Bc in sports science from NTNU. Prior to NSE he had one year working experience, and tried out his practical capabilities renovating a house. He has gained a broad range of working experience, ranging from farming to being a teacher. Ola started at NTNU School of Entrepreneurship to be able to combine the theoretical knowledge from his studies with the desire to work on practical and tangible problems, and to take part of a creative and motivating environment. He is a positive and friendly person, with a wide range of interests. Besides being a student he has been using much of his time in the field of sports and physical activity. Even though his biathlete career is long gone, he still loves to go skiing, both cross country and back country.