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Gjermund Nordskar

Written by - 22.09.2014 - kl. 09.21


Gjermund has graduated as a Mountain Guide and holds a Bachelor in Renewable Energy. In 2014, he set a World Record: Climbing the summits of Norway’s 37 national parks within 70 days. He has medals from World- and European Championships in winter triathlon. In 2012 he finished as number 10 in Norseman, known as the world’s hardest Ironman. Working as a guide, Gjermund has gained leadership and customer experiences. Furthermore, through his sports career, he has learned to set high goals and work hard to reach them. By cooperation with companies as Enova, SIMAS and Isklar, he has gained experiences in project working and innovation. He is now writing a guide book, next to his studies at NSE.