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Lars Mangerud Flesland

Written by - 21.09.2014 - kl. 20.32


After serving one year at an Officer School in the Norwegian military, Lars pursued a 5 – year master program (MSc) in Mechanical Engineering at NTNU. As a student, he has been an active volunteer in UKA, working in a small team developing the marketing strategy. He was also elected president in Teknologiporten, gaining experience working with companies and leading an organization of 30 active students. In 2014 Lars and a fellow student from NTNU organized an 1.4 MNOK expedition. They attempted to cross country ski from Canada to the Geographic North Pole, unsupported and unsupplied. Unfortunately, due to frostbite they had to make the tough decision to evacuate off the ice, but with valuable experience including organizational skills, working with sponsors as well as trust in own abilities. NSE was the natural choice, providing an arena with motivated people who also had the goal to achieve the abilities necessary to start their own business.