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Sondre Malde Pedersen

Written by - 22.09.2014 - kl. 08.52


Sondre is a hardworking and ambitious student with an academic background from Mechanical Engineering at NTNU, with specialization in Production and Quality Engineering. Besides his studies, Sondre has been board member and Head of Security for the sporting festival Studentlekene2013 and business contact for UKA-13. Sondre also enjoys teaching and has been a teaching assistance in several subjects such as ‘’Experts in team’’ and ‘’Production Management’’. Before starting his studies he served a year at Forsvarets Spesialkommando and last summer he attended the Norwegian Entrepreneurship Program in Boston where he worked for the startup company Fortified Bicycle and took classes at Boston University. Sondre applied for the NSE program to get to work in a environment with highly motivated students and to start his own company.