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Elise Landsem

Written by - 11.12.2015 - kl. 14.02

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Elise is a hardworking, motivated and ambitious student with an academic background from Chemical Engineering at NTNU, with specialization in Physical Chemistry. Besides her studies, Elise has been playing volleyball in the elite series with NTNUi and been their sponsor responsible. With an interest for teamwork and the mechanisms involved, she worked as a teaching assistant in the subject “Experts in team”. Later on the student politics has been a priority, and since August 2014 Elise has held a position at the NTNU Board of Directors. At the same time she has been leader of the Committee of Technology Studies and member of the National Council for Technology Education. In 2015 she took the initiative to arrange a student camp named NTNUVi, and is the current leader. Seeking to challenge herself further and connect with like minded students, Elise joined the NSE program with the goal of making a difference.