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Emilie Aabakken

Written by - 11.12.2015 - kl. 14.34


Targeted, extrovert and adventurous is what best describes Emilie. She holds a bachelor´s degree in Construction Engineering from HiB. Parallel to her studies in Bergen she worked as a teaching assistant and founded a climbing club. Devoted to her passion for travelling and outdoor sports, Emilie has been in charge of a volunteer organization called Fearless Play, arranging extreme sport camps for youth since 2010. Emilie was also CEO of Fearless Day Out, a month long activity tour, engaging thousands of young people in alternative sports. Through these commitments she has gained organizational, strategic and marketing experience. By working as project manager at the marketing company Venezu, and as a first aid instructor for MediPluss Emilie has developed valuable analytic and communication skills. Eager to challenge herself and take risks alongside other motivated, passionate people, NSE was a natural choice.