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Håkon Weløy Aarseth

Written by - 11.12.2015 - kl. 14.51


In 1991 a boy was born thus existence on mother earth would shake the flow of public opinion for eternity. He liked doing difficult things. He was actually said to be the most ambitious player in the history of doing difficult things. His persistence was sharp. Getting things done would be his mantra as he endured the tragedies and blisses of challenging challenges, and getting through them with his head held high. Håkon understood that knowledge was a key factor, and decided to learn things. Things about economy and things about technology. Today Håkon is combining his will, knowledge and ambitions while building a strong momentum in order to succeed on his mightiest endeavor. The endeavor to build a warm world. A world warm from love, not from the burning of unsustainable carbon based fuel.