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Joar Gunnarsjaa Harkestad

Written by - 11.12.2015 - kl. 14.54


Joar has his academic background from Cybernetics and Robotics at NTNU, specializing in Embedded Systems and Robot Engineering. Lately, he has been focusing mostly on programming microcontrollers, and because of this he has worked two summers at Atmel Norway. He completet three years at NTNU before taking his fourth year at University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB). At UCSB Joar took several robotics courses, but also courses from the Computer Engineering department about AI, Computer Vision, Hacking and Android programming. Prior to attending NTNU, Joar served one year in the music platoon of His Majesty The King’s Guard. This was a year of much hard work to become world leading within playing while formation marching, and the platoon had many missions both domestic and abroad. Joar also has many interests outside school. He has played saxophone for 12 years, soccer for 10 years and bridge 1 year. He has also been a swing instructor NTNUI Swing and Folkdance for 2 years, and has been practicing several dance forms. Joar also enjoy travelling and travels abroad as much as he can.