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Jonas Helland

Written by - 11.12.2015 - kl. 15.01


Jonas is a passionate, curious and hard-working person that aims to create a better world for those that need it the most. After having ambitions within sports while young, he decided to start on a BSc in Economics and Administration in Trondheim. While studying, he was the leader of the school’s sports club, while founding a biking team going from Trondheim to Oslo. After finishing his BSc, Jonas went to Kenya to teach voluntarily in the slums of Nairobi. Being full of inspiration for helping others when returning, he became Head of Communication and board member of the International Student Festival in Trondheim, which lighted his passions for leadership, teamwork and marketing. He then joined One Earth Designs and their solar adventure. Starting his studies at NSE, Jonas is excited to learn how he can help himself and others make more use of all the good ideas in this world.