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Jonas Neraal Jakobsen

Written by - 11.12.2015 - kl. 15.13


Jonas has pursued a 5 – year master’s program in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Product Development. He attended 1 year at NTNU before continuing his degree at NMBU in Ås. While studying in Ås he joined UKA in Ås 2014 as Key Account Manager gaining valuable experience in communication and project management. At the same time he held the position as Head of DJ’s at Samfunnet, where he was able to further explore his great love for music. Already in his first year at NTNU, Jonas decided that he was going to attend NSE, as he saw the prefect opportunity to explore his entrepreneurial spirit and emerge himself in something he loves. Jonas is a windsurfing enthusiast and is overjoyed in storm-like conditions. He believes that head-first learning is the only way to learn.