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Karoline Kaspersen

Written by - 11.12.2015 - kl. 15.30


Karoline is a hard working and ambitious person who has a great interest in science. At the age of 15, she studied technical studies at High School and worked as an intern at Frank Mohn AS. Before she started at NSE, she completed three years of mechanical engineering at NTNU, specializing in industrial- and fluid mechanics. Apart from her studies, Karoline has worked as a volunteer in Start NTNU where she was a board member and CFO. She had a leading part of increasing the interest in innovation and entrepreneurship among the students at NTNU. Karoline has had several teaching assistant positions, among others, Engineering Design where the students are developing a bicycle. Karoline also loves to travel, and lived in Mexico where she learned Spanish. NSE was the natural choice because she can combine her creativity and technical background to make changes in the world with other hard working and ambitious students.