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Torstein Vabo

Written by - 11.12.2015 - kl. 15.41


Torstein lives by the phrase: “Lets not ask for an easy burden, but a strong back”. He will surely need that strong back to pursue his ambitions to fight poverty, insecurity and water scarcity through entrepreneurship. The fall of 2015 he helped organize the StudentaksjonenNTNU that collected money to educate children in Afghanistan. Before applying for the School of Entrepreneurship, Torstein studied nanotechnology at NTNU for four years. In addition to his studies he improved the course portfolio for the programme and worked with increasing the interest from the businesses towards the nanotechnology students. Through UKA-11,-13 and -15 he has organized events that motivates and entertains students in Trondheim (as well as having an awesome time himself). Through the NSE Torstein wants to attain the skillset to achieve his goals mentioned initially, and also find like-minded people who will join the journey.