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Viljar Rystad

Written by - 11.12.2015 - kl. 15.44


Viljar believes that the next 10 years will undergo a bigger change then the last 100 years. He believes that people with passion for what they do will impact this change more than anyone and that the first step to do this is to question the frames of the life you´re expected to live. Viljar has travelled the world by himself and been the festival area manager of Norway’s biggest cultural festival, UKA. Studies include three years of Petroleum Geoscience from NTNU and entrepreneurship at TU Delft. His experience from internships includes working closely with the oil-exploration legend Hans-Christen Rønnevik and the creation of oil and gas analysis for investment banks and consultancies. At NSE he want to move fast and challenge the norm. Viljar is a boy.