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Erik Hjertholm

Written by - 08.12.2016 - kl. 08.09

Erik gets bored unusually fast. He can’t stand doing monotonous tasks, and uses his skills to avoid them at all cost. For instance he made a tea-stirring-machine because it was too boring to dip the tea and a marshmallow-turning-device because apparently that was boring too. What Erik do love is Making and DOING. With a touch of ADHD, he has a lot of energy which he channels into different projects that he feels create value or learning. Doing this induces even more energy and he has almost developed an addiction to this cycle. He holds a Masters Degree in subsea technology and has a lot of practical experience from working as a carpenter, plumber, electrician, contractor, nano technician and institution firefighter, in addition to summer jobs within the subsea industry.