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Håkon Krogh

Written by - 08.12.2016 - kl. 09.04

Håkon got his first job when he was twelve, and acquired experience from five different sectors until he was off to the Army after finishing high school. Next step, was a year as an employee at Vinmonopolet and traveling the world. He then started his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at UiS. One year later he met a cute girl and moved to Trondheim to finish his degree. After 4 years in Trondheim, finishing a MSc in Project Management, being president of the student organization at the masters program, involved in student politics, coach for the student football team, several positions as a student assistant at NTNU, and getting experience with entrepreneurship through co-hosting Dødens Hinderløp, he decided it was time to realise his full potential and apply for NSE. Håkon is a hard-working, energetic, highly curious and active person. During his life he has tried multiple hobbies, with football, futsal, handball, climbing, volleyball, surfing, painting, gaming, playing guitar and the piano being some of them. Most recently he has found his passion in ping-pong where his short-term goal is to destroy Gøran during NSE.