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Klaus Klausen Espedal

Written by - 08.12.2016 - kl. 08.22

Klaus does not like to get to comfortable. This is for instance reflected in the creative variety of injuries within his medical journal. After High School and a summer of joy at Rena military camp, Klaus was selected to do his conscription as a paratrooper. Even though he continued as a reserve after his conscription, his main focus was aimed to study the wonders of electronics. As it turned out, electronics was not wonderful at all. In May 2016 he graduated from NTNU with a B.Sc. as a mechanical engineer. Alongside studies he also engaged in volunteer work for Engineers Without Borders and NTNUI Orientering. During his spare time, which at the moment is none-existent, he enjoys sports that can contribute to creatively broaden his medical journal. Thus he enjoys mountain biking, rock climbing, alpine skiing and of course orienteering.