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Marthe Svendsen

Written by - 08.12.2016 - kl. 08.30

Marthe’s interest in foreign cultures and ways of thinking was sparked at the age of 16 during her residency in Panamà. This also lead to her becoming an avid traveller. Her fascination with the unknown laid the foundation for her studies, graduating with a bachelor in Social Anthropology in 2015 from the University in Tromsø. During the obtainment of her degree, she dreamt of how anthropology could become more sexy and practical as a subject. She decided that this would have to be someone else’s task, and therefore decided to attend NSE instead. At NSE Marthe practices unofficial fieldwork on innovation communities, with herself as the main test subject. She is passionate about working on projects that can solve social issues. In addition, Marthe enjoys surfing, everything that has to do with Northern Norway, eating other people’s garbage and to have a good cry with friends.