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Sonia Ahmadi

Written by - 08.12.2016 - kl. 07.46

Sonia is an ambitious and untraditional Afghan girl who likes to chase her dreams and turn them into reality by hard-work and perseverance. As a diplomat`s daughter, she has travelled to many different countries. She speaks seven languages and has a unique cultural insight. After eight years in Norway, she has completed her BA in Political Science from NTNU, volunteered in different organizations, works in one of the world`s largest humanitarian organizations; Red Cross and has made her way to NSE. And if it is not enough, she has done all this in addition to being a single parent of a nine-year-old kid. As a kid, Sonia experienced war and this gave her a drive to love humanity, help other human beings and to make the world a better place. She believes that entrepreneurship will enable her to achieve her goals.